Can I install Windows 7 on Chromebook?

Can I install Windows 7 on Chromebook?

You can now install Windows on your Chromebook, but you’ll need to create the Windows installation media first. Windows 8.1 and 7 may or may not work with your Chromebook and its drivers. You’ll also need to download and run the Rufus utility, which you’ll use to create your Windows installation USB drive.

Comment out the Windows installer on your Chromebook?

You can use the Windows servicing installer on your Chromebook, but you can create the media for the Windows installation. You are not able to cependant pas le faire en utilisant la méthode officielle de Microsoft. In fact, you must download an ISO file and record it on a USB key at the help of an appelé Rufus tool.

Comment to connect a USB source and a key to your Chromebook?

Connectez unites USB sources, a USB key or the deux à votre Chromebook. You will need to use them for Windows installation. If you can open with a USB keyboard or USB, you can use the charm buttons to interact with Windows Setup.

Comment brancher le lecteur USB sur votre Chromebook?

Branchez le lecteur USB on your Chromebook and all your Chromebooks. It will automatically start from the USB reader, you will start the Windows installation program. If it is not passed automatically from the USB reader, it cannot be imported that you touch lorsque “Select Boot Option” apparaît sur votre écran.

Comment disabled write protection on the Chromebook?

Check the write protection function in order to be able to replace the BIOS on the part of Chromebooks. On certain Chromebooks, you may find a write protect switch in place.