COD Mobile Season 1 Updates

COD Mobile Season 1 is right around the corner in fact it comes out in a little over four days. Which of course means that we’re going to be getting a ton of new stuff next week. In today’s article I’m going to be going through all the new stuff that we know is coming as fast as possible. So that i don’t waste any of your guys sweet time with that being said let’s go make it all come true.


COD Mobile Season 1 (New Order & Map)

A couple of weeks ago Call of Duty Mobile showed you guys a very small map in fact it actually is I think smaller than rust. It was released in the beta for season 13. But we never got it however they’re releasing it in season one as you can see by their tweets.

They call it unique and said it was coming next season so it’s confirmed 100% for season one or season 14 but we’ll call it COD Mobile Season 1 for this article as its coming in new year. You guys remember the heart beat sensor Call of duty mobile showed recently in a teaser. So I’m not going to talk about it too much but it’s pretty much like a UAV’s a tactical equipment.


New SKS Gun In COD Mobile Season 1

You can pull out and see where people are the only downside is. I believe it only goes up to 15 to 20 meters. So it’s more of like a close-range campy kind of thing. It’ll be good for nukes though for sure one of the things. That I’m most excited for is the brand-new weapons aka the famous three Ryan Burst Ari.

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Mean we already have one of those but maybe it could be like the chicken and the pharaoh of the assault rifle world. Where the famous is just a little bit better than the M16 and that little bit better makes a lot of difference.

This is gonna hit me right in the nostalgic feels. When i pick up this gun and use it for the first time. I’m extremely excited for this also we already talked about this gun the SKS. It’s a marksman rifle it’s gonna deal a ton of damage.


A little bit faster than the Kar 98 aka the kilo however it will also do slightly less damage. But I’m pretty sure that it will still two-shot kill the most part so this gun will be pretty damn freaking good. Now onto some juicy skin stuff on your screen right now. You’re gonna be able to see the first leak of the battle pass skins.

I mean it looks like it’s ant skin but it’s got different colors on it with a slight green tinge or green glow. Going around it accompanied by a nice blue cyan glow the name will be tactical fighter and I believe it’s going to be the tier 50 skin for the next battle pas.

New Gun Skins

Gun skins in the new battle pass include the HBR A3 capacitor the HG40 cyber. Lastly but not least the locus carbon cut. That was made it shows the fall skin as being called the par line which is different than the tactical fighter.

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It was shown before but they’re the same skin so it doesn’t make any sense. Unfortunately for some multiplayer grinders out their overkill is not going to be added. They said that they don’t want to add it until all of the guns are balanced. Which kind of makes sense, but it’s pretty sad they are adding battle royal variant modes though.

New Battle Royale Modes In COD Mobile Season One

So, we’re going to get different kinds of modes to play in BR (Battle Royale). I’m actually kind of excited for that and then they’re adding more hard-core game modes. I don’t really play hardcore that often if ever but you guys do that.

I’m sure you’re excited that being said that’s everything we know about season one. With that being said live your life with purpose