Genshin Impact Nintendo Switch Release Date

Genshin Impact (Breath of the Wild-style RPG) is already available on iOS, Android, PS4, PS5 and PC. You don’t have to wait for Nintendo Switch any longer. Switch owners may feel left out. Now, the buzz surrounding of this co-op RPG is at an all-time high. Genshin Impact, on the other hand, is still in the works on Nintendo’s system.

Chinese and Japanese Channel Confirms the new open world RPG “Genshin Impact Switch is now available on sale (with description):

  • Genre: Open World RPG
  • Supported OS: Playstation 5 / Playstation 4 / PC / IOS / Android
  • Supported OS: Nintendo Switch

While Breath of the Wild is already available on the Switch, Genshin Impact offers its own set of concepts. Aside from the characters’ animated appearances, the battle is more hack-and-slash. Those who have played developer Mihoyo’s latest game, Honkai Impact 3rd, would not be surprised by this.

Genshin Impact Nintendo Switch Release Date

When you’re not exploring and slaughtering evil guys with your sword, there are additional towns to explore and inhabit. It’s an easy sell, with an expansive and stunning environment akin to Breath of the Wild and button-mashing action, but there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.

Genshin Impact Switch Release Date:

Now that Genshin Impact is available on iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC, the topic of whether it will be released on Nintendo Switch arises. It could be expected in March, 2022. I am telling you the month because no exact date is announcing yet. So I’ll put any essential information on Genshin Impact’s Nintendo Switch release date here. Keep an eye out for updates.

Although Genshin Impact will be released on the Nintendo Switch, developer Mihoyo has not yet to confirm a particular release date. The Switch port was announced long before the game was developed, which explains why it didn’t release alongside the iOS, Android, PS4, and PC versions.

Where Can I Find Out More About Genshin Impact Gameplay?

Why not check out the latest Genshin Impact trailer while you wait for the Nintendo Switch version? It has peaceful visuals that would be perfect for a Zelda game. You can also see some of the towns you’ll visit throughout the campaign, as well as some of the opponents you’ll encounter.

Credit: Genshin Impact