Hades Review (Greek Mythology Realm of the Dead)

It is impossible to escape from the realm of the dead. Greek mythology in Hades review matter is ambiguous. It does not matter where you were assigned after the tragic death, to the beautiful gardens of Elysium or to the very bottom of Tartarus, where sinners suffer from eternal torment. There is no way back to the world of the living, death issues one-way tickets.

However, the young god Zagreus has never been to the world of the living. The son of Hades himself, he was born and raised in gloomy underground palaces, among languishing souls and chthonic beings.

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Now the time has come to leave the house, and Zagrei’s strict fatherly prohibition does not bother Zagrei much. This is weighty reasons have accumulated for leaving. He is determined to do the impossible, and may it take forever to try and escape.

Heaps of attempts are indispensable – action RPG Hades, the new creation of Supergiant follows a “bagel” philosophy. And this does not prevent him from telling a touching story with the scale typical of a California studio.

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Hades Olympic Calm, Chthonic Courage

It cannot be said that Zagreus was subjected to some terrible hardships in Tartarus – he is, after all, a prince. Since childhood, he was surrounded by luxury. Although the mansions of Hades do not look like a royal palace, wealth and power blow from them for a kilometer.

Achilles, a legendary Trojan War veteran, taught him how to use weapons. The three-headed Cerberus, instilling fierce fear in mortals, is for him a beloved dog, to which you can ask the sacramental question “who is a good boy?“. And with one of his father’s subordinates, the fury Megera, the hero even had an affair – it is true, it was, but what to do.


Greek Deities:

Greek deities are known to be very close to the people. Nothing human is alien to them, including long-standing resentments, anxieties and misunderstandings. The atmosphere in the luxurious house is uncomfortable, because of the series of the souls of dead awaiting a verdict. 

Ice Wall:

It’s all to blame for the completely disorganized relationship between father and son. The ice wall between them has grown for a long time and since then has been constantly replenished with new unpleasant bricks; family conflicts are rarely simple and straightforward.

Once Zagrei decided that enough was enough for him – he threw his trusty sword on his shoulder and arbitrarily went to the surface, to his Olympic relatives. But Hades gave it up for a reason – they say, go, you’re worse off.

Drawn in a striking “comic” style, the underground lands are fabulously beautiful – and at the same time extremely harsh. To get out, you need to overcome several vast floors filled to the eyeballs with creepy creatures and traps.

Hades Review-Greek Mythology

The road is extremely dangerous in itself; trouble is on guard literally around every corner, and in addition, Hades ordered his subjects not to give the prince a pass. Concern for his son does not torment him – he, of course, is immortal, like all the other gods.

If he is chopped into small slices, he will simply be resurrected at home, in a bloody font, from which the souls of ordinary deceased regularly emerge. But the journey will have to start all over again, and even along an unfamiliar route – the abode of the dead now and then changes its shape, rebuilding itself in an arbitrary way.

Escape Cycle:

Actually, the escape cycle is at the heart of the game. The hero runs away, makes mistakes, dies. He listens to Aida’s malicious comments, talks to the household, runs away, dies. Escapes, makes interesting acquaintances in the dungeons, finds all sorts of useful things, studies the habits of monsters, and dies not noticing some trifle, and again falls into his native land, and again escapes.

Gradually, he goes further and further, discovering unexplored regions, their inhabitants, new weapons – and he learns more and more about those who surround him, and about himself.

Olympic celestial’s concerned about the confrontation unfolding underground, send him encouraging messages and magical gifts-blessings – they can’t bear to welcome a young relative at home.

Bastion and Binding of Isaac

Hades– a kind of explosive mixture from Bastion and Binding of Isaac. The levels generated by the generator are divided into separate rooms, each of which is supposed to destroy a crowd of enemies, and for victories they give out valuable items. Those gifts from Olympus random “perks” to choose from, valid until the end of the race. 

It is forbidden to stomp back, but we are often offered two or three doors leading forward, and carefully draw upcoming prizes on them, allowing at the very least to plan actions.

You can buy temporary bonuses in the “stalls” wells. Find the store of the silent boatman Charon and spend the gold found on something more solid. Meet some mythical characters and entertain them with a pleasant conversation. They do not give you a choice of remarks, but Zagrei himself does not climbs into his pocket for a word.

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The underworld is an extremely interesting place, but it’s hard to wander around without outside help.

Our skills are not enough. A quick, strong attack, a dodge-dash and an aimed throwing of a special pebble, which still needs to be picked up. That’s the whole arsenal. However, Olympic packages can enhance any technique beyond recognition, giving it additional properties. It stuff the hero with cool passive bonuses. There are a lot of gifts here, and all the gods have their own, with a characteristic flavor.

  • Zeus has a weakness for atmospheric electricity.
  • Hermes adds speed.
  • Aphrodite weakens enemies with the power of love.
  • Dionysus slowly hangs over grenades.
  • Every third attack deals critical damage, inflated by the grace of Artemis to indecent values.
Bastion and Binding of Isaac

Luck is not critical. As befits a good bagel, Supergiant sometimes makes you somehow get out with an unfortunate alignment. But always gives you a chance to improve the situation over time. For example, to find unexpectedly effective synergy among seemingly inappropriate “Perks” or to hobble around to suitable ones, winning solely through skill and reaction. 

Battles at Hades:

In any case, a good reaction needs – the pace of battles is such that sometimes fingers hurt from them. It’s hard to blame the game for that. Battles at Hades– a picturesque extravaganza, honed almost to the level of Dark Souls, in which spectacular animations are clearly visible against the background of blazing explosions and lightning; her bustle, of course, does not decorate, but it does not bring serious harm.

A lot of dissimilar opponents, amusing “bosses”, 6 fundamentally different types of weapons that lend themselves to impressive modifications – you won’t get tired of fighting soon.

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Hades Modifications, Require Rare Resources

With all kinds of “gathering” here, in principle, too much. Walking through the dungeons, we get some kind of abstract “darkness” to become stronger. (permanent “pumping” could be called insignificant if it did not allow to get up several times after fatal blows).

In addition, we pocket chthonic keys, which unlock new abilities and weapons, and gems – they are taken as a payment by a construction contractor who directs repair work in the house and the construction of “amenities” like healing fountains in the middle of Tartarus. Smuggled nectar will not hurt to treat friends.

hades Modifications, require rare resources

And it will certainly come to diamonds too. No, the logic of the authors is clear – Hades design for tens of hours, why not save up something along the way. The characteristic “grind hook” in such a project looks as inappropriate as possible. Simply because he is completely unnecessary here.

Behind Hades and so pulls to sit for days. To finally escape from the kingdom of the dead, realize that the path is much more important than achieving it. In order to fully appreciate the cunning background of the events, sympathize with the cruel, power-hungry and proud Hades. 

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