How do I read a specific column in Excel in Java?

How do I read a specific column in Excel in Java?

Example of reading Excel file (.xlsx)

  1. import;
  2. import;
  3. import java.util.Iterator;
  4. import;
  5. import;
  6. import org.apache.poi.xssf.usermodel.XSSFSheet;
  7. import org.apache.poi.xssf.usermodel.XSSFWorkbook;

How do I write multiple data from an Excel spreadsheet in Java?

With him); HSSFRow row = sheet. createRow(rownumber++); int cell number = 0; for (Object obj : objArr) { Cell cell = row. createCell(numcelcel++); bed sheet. autoSizeColumn((short) cell number); if (obj instance of Date) { cell.

How do I read a specific column in Excel using selenium?

getStringCellValue() – Gets the value of the cell as a string. getRow(int) – Returns the row. getCell(int) – Get the cell that represents a given column… Below are the classes that will be used to read the data:

  1. FileInputStream – A FileInputStream is an input stream for reading data from a file.
  2. XSSF workbook.
  3. XSSF sheet.
  4. XSSF row.
  5. XSSFCell.

How do I print two columns in Excel?

Printing area

  1. Select the column or columns you want to print.
  2. Switch to the “Page Layout” tab on the Microsoft Excel ribbon and locate its Page Setup group.
  3. Click “Print Area” to open a drop-down menu, then select “Set Print Area” to designate the column area you selected.

How do you get Excel to print all the columns?

Follow these steps:

  1. Click the Page Layout tab on the ribbon.
  2. In the Scale to Fit group, in the Width box, select 1 Page, and in the Height box, select Automatic.
  3. To print your worksheet, press CTRL+P to open the Print dialog, and then click OK.

How to print only certain columns in Excel?

Select and highlight the range of cells you want to print. Then click File > Print or press Ctrl+P to see the print settings. Click the arrow in the list for the print area setting, and then select the “Print Selection” option. The preview will now show only the selected area.

How do I print certain columns and rows in Excel?

On the ribbon, click the Page Layout tab. In the Sheet Options group, under Headers, select the Print check box. , and then under Print, select the Row and Column Headings check box. To print the worksheet, press CTRL+P to open the Print dialog, and then click OK.

How do I print certain columns on sheets?

To print a specific portion of your Sheet, select the cells you want to print (eg, click and hold on a corner cell of the desired print area, then drag to select adjacent cells) as shown. shown in Figure A. If you want to print the entire Workbook or Current Sheet, please continue to the next step.

How do I drag the print area in Excel?

Select your data: Highlight the area of ​​your spreadsheet that you want to print. Click the Page Layout… tab Adjust the margins graphically:

  1. At the top left, click the Office Button.
  2. Select Print and then Print Preview.
  3. Check Show Margins, and then drag the margins to the desired size.

Can’t drag Excel page breaks?

alternate solution

  1. Click the Microsoft Office Button, click Excel Options, and then click the Advanced tab.
  2. Click to select the Enable fill handler and drag and drop cells check box, and then click OK.

How do I enable dragging in Excel?

You can turn this option on or off as needed by doing the following:

  1. Click File > Options.
  2. In the Advanced category, under Editing Options, select or clear the Enable fill handler and cell drag-and-drop check box.

What is Page Break view in Excel?

A page break defines where one page ends and another begins. You can see the range of cells that will be printed by selecting (View > Page Break Preview). This allows you to clearly see the print area with all page breaks identified. The white area indicates the area that will be printed.

How do I activate the blue lines in Excel?

Click the Page Layout tab on the ribbon, select the Breaks command, and then click Insert Page Break. The page break will be inserted, represented by a dark blue line.

How do I change the view in Excel?

Change page orientation

  1. Select the worksheet or worksheets for which you want to change the orientation. Tip: When multiple worksheets are selected, a [Grupo] in the title bar at the top of the worksheet.
  2. On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Setup group, click Orientation, and then click Portrait or Landscape.

How do you separate lines in Excel?

Using text in column to break multiple lines in a cell

  1. Select the entire dataset that you want to split.
  2. Go to the Data tab.
  3. In the Data Tools group, click the Text to Columns option.
  4. In the Text to Columns dialog, in Step 1 of 3, select Delimited and click ‘Next’.

What is the thick blue line in Excel?

The blue line represents the end of the printable area, any dotted lines in the middle are other pages. If you want the new information to be on a page, you’ll need to call a new format.

How do I get rid of vertical lines in Excel?

On the Design tab, in the Axes group, click Grid Lines. Do one or more of the following: Click Primary Horizontal Gridlines, Primary Vertical Gridlines, or Depth Gridlines (in a 3D chart), and then click None. Click Minor Horizontal Gridlines or Minor Vertical Gridlines, and then click None.

How do I get rid of thick blue lines in Excel?

How to remove a page break

  1. Navigate to the desired worksheet, the one you want to remove page breaks from.
  2. Go to the Page Layout tab and click the Breaks button and then Reset All Page Breaks.
  3. That is all. But notice that there is still a dotted line on the worksheet, indicating a page break.

How do you do a horizontal and vertical page break in Excel?

Insert a horizontal or vertical manual page break

  1. Do one of the following: To insert a. Do this. Horizontal page break. Select the row that is below the row where you want the page to break. Vertical page break.
  2. On the Design tab, under Page Setup, click Breaks, and then click Insert Page Break.

Why does my excel sheet have blue lines?

To view dependent cells, go to the Formulas tab, Formula Auditing section, then click the Track Dependents button. Excel will display blue lines linking the cells you are analyzing to the dependent cells. The blue arrows show that the cells have no errors, while the red arrows show the cells that are causing errors.

What is an example spreadsheet?

The definition of a spreadsheet is a sheet of paper or a computer program that is used to tally and record data using rows and columns into which information can be entered. Microsoft Excel, a program in which you enter data in columns, is an example of a spreadsheet program.