How do you concatenate and keep spaces in Excel?

How do you concatenate and keep spaces in Excel?

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Add double quotes with a space between them ” “. For example: =CONCATENATE(“Hello”, ” “, “World!”).
  2. Add a space after the Text argument. For example: =CONCATENATE(“Hello”, “World!”). The string “Hello” has an extra space added.

How do you concatenate and continue formatting?

Merge cells and keep cell formatting with formula. Do the following. 1. Please click to select cell C1, and then copy and paste the formula =A1 & ” ” & TEXT(B1,”0.00%”) into the formula bar, and then press the Enter key. You can see that two cells are merged and the percentage format is kept.

How do I concatenate multiple cells with a line break in Google Sheets?

1. Select the cell range you want to concatenate with line break, and then click Kutools > Merge & Split > Merge Rows, Columns or Cells without losing data, see screenshot: 2.

How do I concatenate a carriage return in Excel?

After combining the rows, then click Home > Wrap Text, and all the combined contents have been separated by line break, see screenshot: Notes: 1. In the above formula, A1, A2, A3 are the cell values ​​you want to combine , and CHAR(10) is used to enter line breaks in the cell.

How do I combine names with commas and spaces in Excel?

Combine data using the CONCAT function

  1. Select the cell where you want to place the merged data.
  2. Type =CONCAT(.
  3. Select the cell you want to merge first. Use commas to separate the cells you are merging, and use quotes to add spaces, commas, or other text.
  4. Close the formula with a parenthesis and press Enter.

How do you concatenate two rows in Excel?

Method 1. Press CTRL to select multiple cells to concatenate

  1. Select a cell where you want to enter the formula.
  2. Type =CONCATENATE( in that cell or in the formula bar.
  3. Hold down the Ctrl key and click each cell you want to concatenate.

How do I merge cells without losing formatting?

Copy the cell with the formula CONCATENATE(D2). Paste the copied value into the top left cell of the range you want to merge (A2). To do this, right-click the cell and select Paste Special > Values ​​from the context menu. Select the cells you want to merge (A2 and B2) and click Merge & Center.

How do I combine two lines of text in Excel?

Merge text from two or more cells into one cell

  1. Select the cell where you want to place the merged data.
  2. Type = and select the first cell you want to merge.
  3. Type & and use quotation marks with an enclosed space.
  4. Select the next cell you want to merge and press enter. An example formula might be =A2&” “&B2.

How do you concatenate in sheets?

To use CONCATENATE, open your Google Sheets spreadsheet and click on an empty cell. You can use CONCATENATE in several ways. To link two or more cells in a basic way (similar to CONCAT), type =CONCATENATE(CellA,CellB) or =CONCATENATE(CellA&CellB) and replace CellA and CellB with your specific cell references.

How do I combine two lines of text in Excel?

How to concatenate data with a line break?

We can concatenate data with a line break using the Concatenate or CONCAT function. It is the same as the first method. We can use the Concatenate or CONCAT function in the formula to differentiate the data with line breaks. Just like the example image above, you can include the formula for Concatenate strings in different cells into a single cell.

How to join cells with line breaks in Excel?

To join cells with line breaks, simply follow the steps below: #1 Type the following formula in cell C1, then press the Enter key. or you can also use the CONCATENATE function as shown below:

How to use a line break in a formula?

When using a line break in a formula, the two things you need to be aware of are using the CHAR function for the line break and applying “Word Wrap” to the cell. Of all the previous formulas we’ve learned here, I think using TEXTJOIN is the simplest and best way. I hope you found this formula tip helpful, but you need to tell me one thing now.

How to do a line break in Unicode?

This function converts an integer from 1 to 255 into a Unicode character. In fact, CHAR(10) will return the desired newline character. We will use this in all the formula methods in this post to create a newline character. This formula is quite simple.