Is Dying Light 2: Stay Human Cross-Platform? 2022 Guide

The game “Dying Light 2: Stay Human” has finally reached gamers’ hands. Critics have panned the post-apocalyptic action game for its fairly predictable premise. Still, it has received widespread plaudits for its compelling gameplay loop, which combines parkour and zombie-slaying action. Players may wish to bring a few pals along for the long war after they gain a feel for the game’s mechanics and survival methods. That’s where the multiplayer mode of the game comes in.

In “Dying Light 2,” four players can team up for co-op gaming and take against the undead together. The “zany” pleasure experienced in this mode received specific praise from IGN. When things get hairy, players will be glad to get some extra help, as each player in co-op mode has up to three revives at their disposal to save their friends from the jaws of death. 

However, co-op works in “Dying Light 2: Stay Human” has several significant drawbacks. Prospective gamers have many questions about the possibility of crossplay in Techland’s next undead adventure, as is typical of modern multiplayer games.

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Dying Light 2 Stay Human Doesn’t Have Cross-play at Launch

 Unfortunately, zombie hunters hoping to team up with their friends on various consoles will be disappointed. Cross-play is not available in “Dying Light 2: Become Human.” This implies that PlayStation gamers cannot play with buddies on an Xbox or a PC. Not only is that but co-op also constrained by console generation. That means Xbox One players can’t play with Series X players, and PS4 players can’t play with PS5 players.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Cross Platform or not

While this is a disappointment for fans hoping to play co-op with friends who haven’t yet acquired a next-gen system, there is some positive news. In a January interview with Twitch Gaming, Techland’s Tymon Smektala stated that the developer would be working on a cross-platform play in the future. While gamers from multiple console families may be out of luck, “Dying Light 2” players will no longer be restricted to a single system generation.

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Dying Light 2: How To Activate Crossplay?

Unfortunately, Dying Light 2 does not support crossplay. Not even in the same ecological zone. Gamers on the Xbox One can only play with other Xbox One players, not those on the Series X. You’re out of luck if you and your friends aren’t playing on the same system.

The good news is that this will not be the case in the future. Crossplay compatibility will be added to the game, according to Techland. Unfortunately, there is no current estimate for when that feature will be available.

It’s a shame Dying Light 2 doesn’t enable crossplay. Any multiplayer game that doesn’t allow crossplay is a disappointment these days. That should be a significant goal for any online game in the future. PC, Xbox, and PlayStation have never been more popular together as they are right now. This is a competitive generation, and restricting people’s ability to play within their ecosystem limits the game.

Techland should act quickly and give Dying Light 2 the crossplay it deserves. Crossplay should hopefully make it into year one of updates, as the developers have promised five years of material. That is when most people are likely to be playing, and gamers will want to take advantage of it.

If you and your pals are on separate consoles, you’ll have to wait and play alone or with strangers online for the time being. In any case, Dying Light 2 is still a fantastic solo experience.

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