How To Make Money in Cyberpunk 2077?

Night City, no matter how unrealistic it may be after the release of Cyberpunk 2077, at least in one aspect: the more money in Cyberpunk 2077 you have, the more fun it is to live – and the more opportunities open up. It still works the same as a real city.

Naturally, you don’t want to spend a lot of time farming local currency, but choosing beautiful clothes, buying good weapons, implants and a car is very even. From the very beginning, the game persistently teases with all these things, although at the same time, according to the plot, it makes you get into debt.

We suggest correcting this egregious injustice with our guidance. So Here, We’ll guide you about make money in Cyberpunk 2077.

make money in cyberpunk 2077 very fast

Best Side Quests

The storyline campaign in Cyberpunk is rather short compared to the volume of The Witcher 3. And despite the fact that after the prologue the atmospheric narration can be overwhelming, the easiest way to make the passage a little more comfortable for yourself (at least financially) is to do side quests.

Thanks to the “sides” the protagonist can quickly save up some local currency – and at the same time experience. The recipe seems rather commonplace, but hold your horses and do not scroll further: there are also tricks here. We have selected for you two categories of side effects that will help you get rich faster.

make money in cyberpunk 2077

More Ways To Make Money in Cyberpunk 2077

Some types of secondary quests and part-time jobs can be found in the journal, and some at the location where the task is actually located. Open the map and filter the legend so that only part-time jobs are shown – they are indicated in yellow. Found something to your liking – go there.

Most of the side quests and side jobs will bring you around 1500€. And quests for which they give significantly more than average are selected simply: if the described task sounds more difficult than the classic go-fetch-kill, then you are likely to have a decent jackpot.

But if after such a task you still did not get so much money, do not be discouraged: this means that the item that you received for completing the quest can be sold for at least 500 Euro – this will also not be superfluous.

More Value Side Quests

Night City is mired in vices and crime, and local law enforcement officers will gladly accept the help of one of the city’s residents – and even throw some money. 

For a dusty job that will take you a maximum of a couple of minutes, the police will roll off Eddie from 2000, and if you are not too lazy to collect loot from the defeated criminals at the same time, then at least another thousand will be added to the amount.

easy ways to make money in cyberpunk 2077

The simplest task is the raids, they are marked with a baseball bat icon. Everything is simple here: you need to eliminate from 4 to 8 enemies at the specified point. At the same time, for completing the quest, in addition to traditional experience and money, they will also give a reputation, and in incentive containers there is a chance to find pretty good things that can also be sold.

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Loot Collection and Sale

Selling loot is another rather commonplace way to earn extra money, but in the matter of accumulating hard-earned money, all means are good.

At the very beginning of the passage, loot absolutely everything and everyone, and then, when you get to the vending machine or the seller, sort the items found (or looted) by value. This way you will be able to assess which finds bring the most profit, and in the future you will only put in V’s pockets what sells best.

loot collection sale

When you move a little further in the plot, it is better to stop picking up white items. They will quickly load V, and you can take much more valuable loot instead. If you like this way of making money, be sure to unlock the “Pack Mule” ability. This way even more junk will fit into the protagonist’s luggage.

If you decide to follow this path, in no case take a skill that automatically disassembles all the trash for parts. Because of it, you can accidentally lose things that can be sold for a more or less decent amount.

Important Tip

In addition, there is a huge amount of food and other usable items lying around in Knight City. Keep only the most necessary things (medicines and ammunition), and the rest can be easily converted into currency: you are unlikely to need all of this in such a volume in which you select it.

Crafting Items For Sale

Crafting can also help raise some money: to find out if you have a chance to become such a master craftsman from the cyberpunk world, you should go to the corresponding menu. Pay attention to the number of green schemes. It doesn’t matter if it’s a weapon or something else. The most important thing here is the degree of rarity and quality.

Create items that will be profitable for you to collect from the trash lying around in your pockets in order to sell later (the value is displayed in the lower right corner). For each unusual or rare item, you can help out from 160 to 270 units of currency, and even get valuable experience. Sell ​​freshly created goodness in the nearest machine – and repeat the action until you collect the required amount.

True, it makes no sense to turn this into the main way of making money. You will have to spend a lot of time searching for resources. So consider this method rather as a quick hack in case there are literally a few hundred missing before the desired purchase.

cyberpunk 2077 gun crafting

Hacking Access Points and Theft

Another way to earn extra money is to constantly hack access points. Access points can be found on the territory of opponents: these are antennas, laptops, panels and, in principle, any equipment.

To use this method, pump your intelligence to level 5 and constantly use a quick hack. And to make even more money from this, unlock the “Advanced Datamining”.  The first level of the perk will increase your profit by 50%, and the second – already doubled.

So for one hack you can get from 600 Euro. Unfortunately, they do not fall out every time. But you don’t have to make any special efforts for each of the attempts. Moreover, instead of money, parts may fall out, which can also be sold.

Also, quick hack can be used for simple pickpocketing.

Vending Machines with Drinks (Lazy Way to Make Money in Cyberpunk 2077)

Above, we have described honest ways to make money in cyberpunk 2077 – at least in terms of game mechanics. But if you are too lazy to run around on quests and hacking points or carry mountains of junk on you, use exploits. That is, commonplace bugs and shortcomings accidentally left by developers.

The most popular and simple one is related to drinks. The fact is that a drink from a vending machine will cost you 10 eddies, and parts that can be obtained by dismantling a purchase will cost up to 50 currency units (depending on your skills).

With the “Mechanic” skill from the “Craft” branch, one can will give 6 common and 3 unusual components. Regular components are on sale for 5€, and uncommon – 8€.

Considering that the pot cost $10, we get (6 x 5) + (3 x 8) – 10 = 44€ profit from one can of soda.

You can just stand at the machine and repeat the cycle until you get bored, saving and loading from time to time to get the drinks back on sale. And it is also worth going to the Arasaka Tower, around which there are quite a few machines. There you can just run in circles and buy soda almost endlessly.

It would seem that here it is – the simplest and most effective way to fill your pockets with currency. But such a method of enrichment will take an incredible amount of time.

The Same, But With Craft

Another exploit that opens up the possibility of endlessly earning money and experience is also associated with parcel terminals. In fact, this is an expanded version of the previous method. Only in this case, you shouldn’t start with empty pockets, and it won’t hurt to acquire the “Mechanic” skill.

For this method, you need to find an automatic machine that sells goods not at 5, but at 10 Euro / dollars. These can be found in the Northside area near the Pershing Street fast travel point. You should buy whatever is there and disassemble the purchases into components.

cyberpunk 2077 beautiful places

After that, create the most expensive items from the received spare parts. Everything works in the same way as in the above method with crafting. As a result, you will receive much more money than you spent on the items that were dismantled. But here the “exhaust” already depends on how much money you had initially.

Resale Painting

For dessert, we left the most effective way to get rich and make money in cyberpunk 2077. And not for a measly one thousand or two Euro/dollars, but as much as 4000 at a time. To touch this cornucopia, you need to go through the first act of the game. It is after it that you can get the Quest “Gifts of Space”. It is located in the Santo Domingo area. At the point marked on the map. Take the laptop case from the vagrants (they can either be killed or persuaded).

  • If your intellect is pumped, then it is enough just to hack the device.
  • If you cannot hack, find the owner of the vehicle by going around the building on the left side. The corpse will lie among the debris between the bins.

You need the launch.exe file – it will transfer the coordinates of the valuable item to the Wee. At the specified point, which is located in the Wasteland, there is a capsule. Seven soldiers will guard it – deal with them, and you will receive a treasure: a painting worth 4000 eddies.

Next, you will need the familiar source of all the exploits in the Cyberpunk world – a parcel machine. Sell ​​the painting, close the machine and open it again. Voila: a work of art from the distant 2021 costs only 5€. Buy and sell the painting as much as you like and rejoice at V’s heavy wallet. At the same time that this bug has not yet been fixed.

When the soulless machine runs out of money, just wait for the in-game day – and continue in the same spirit.