10 Best Otome Games for PC To Play On Steam in 2022

Otome is a story-based game primarily for women, often in the form of a visual novel. You play as a woman, and you have several suitors with whom you can have romantic relationships. It’s a genre that was popular on Steam and PlayStation Vita (rest in peace), but is now undergoing significant development on other systems. Here are some games to play, on multiple platforms.

The biggest pain for Western otomoto fans is not being born in the land of the rising sun, not speaking Japanese and not being able to legally buy games sold there. Of course, you can always learn the language, but the mistake of spreading the restrictions does not catch their eye.

Best Otome Free Games for PC and Account Setup

The platform itself offers both free and paid games. There is room for everything: popular and well-written stories, but also those that don’t stand out as much among the aforementioned quick products. Nevertheless, it’s worth diving into this cave of wonders, as there’s something for everyone. In particular, you can often find special offers and great discounts (up to 75%!).

I am often asked if Steam is free, because there are also paid games. Yes, it is free, and if you have an account, there is no charge. You only pay for the game you add to your cart and buy. There is no chance of accidentally running a paid title and getting charged to your account, so using the platform is completely safe. If a paid game catches your eye, you can buy it with a credit card or fund your Steam account via PayPal or Paysafecard.

It turns out that even at Otome games we can find a place that is welcoming and friendly, one that not only provides delicious food for the senses, but also gives us a chance to actively participate in its creation. I often hear people say that Otome games are great, but you have to pay for them, and you can’t find good games for free anywhere.

1) Collar x Malice (Switch, Vita)

Collar x Malice game for Nintendo switch and vita

One of my favorite Otome games, You play as a young cop who is attacked early in the game, with a collar around his neck that injects a lethal dose of poison if you try to remove it or fail to meet various demands. You’ll team up with five men acting outside the law to stop destructive attacks in Shinjuku. The art of the game has always impressed me, and the urgency of the game has always impressed me.

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2) Period Cube (Vita)

Period Cube game for vita

Of course the Period Cube game where the protagonist is stuck in a life and death MMORPG had to make this list. I’m not a huge fan of the concept, but I liked Period Cube’s focus on character development and the constant mystery of how they escape Arcadia. The game world starts to crumble around you, which really adds to the sense of urgency!

3) Bad Friend

Bad Friend game is set in an alternate universe where most humans have been exterminated and replaced by birds. You play the role of the last human on Earth, a young woman studying at St. John’s Institute. She is a happy hunter-gatherer living in a nearby cave. Day by day you live your life, interacting and getting closer and closer to one of the game’s eight romantic possibilities. Although the game follows typical tropes with each character, such as the best friend who is afraid to admit her feelings or the school doctor who lives in mysterious solitude, the game has more than one romantic element.

4) Love Spell: (Written in the Stars)

Magic of Love Game is written in the stars to always behave gently, especially towards your elders. Perhaps a powerful witch will give you a magic book with a spell that will make everyone fall in love with you. That is exactly what happens to Luna, the game’s protagonist.

Love Spell Written in the star

With the help of a book and a talking penguin, this college student’s life will change forever. All Luna has to do is write the person’s name in the book and he or she will fall in love with Luna. However, the attraction only lasts for a month, so the book is more of a springboard for Luna’s decision to enter a relationship.

If you like protagonists who rudely comment on the funny happenings around them, you will like Luna. There are also a lot of puns with penguins, which I am not a fan of, but if you like them, you will laugh.

5) Café Enchante

In Café Ancien Chante, Kotone’s character is a young woman who longs to be free from her humiliating and mundane life as an office worker. So she visits an old café inherited from her grandfather.

Café Enchante

During her trip down memory lane, she finds a door she has never seen before. Suddenly mysterious men appear, who do not seem to be from the human world.They are all mythical creatures who were regular customers of the café. Despite his change of heart, Kotone decides to work at the café.

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6) Realization – Guardians of Rebirth

While some people consider Code: Realization to be a romance, I see it more as a story of evolution. In the game, you play as Beckford, who is alone in a mansion. Throughout his life, he’s been told he’s a monster because he has poison running through his body.

Realization - Guardians of Rebirth

Everyone he comes in contact with melts and suffers a painful death. Even staying in the same room for long periods of time can cause problems. Thus, Khadija has come to accept this reality. She is a sad and lonely girl who would rather be alone for the rest of her life than cause more suffering.

7) Magical Otoge Iris

In Magical Otoge Iris, you play as Iris. she is a purifier, someone who helps lost souls on their way to the afterlife. Iris can help others, but she can’t help herself. She has a hard time opening up to others and expressing her feelings.

Magical Otoge Iris

When Iris meets the sorcerer Wynrou and acquires the transformation weapon Lanneis, her world shifts from helping lost souls to a dangerous life that she must master with the help of her companions.The magical Otoge Iris is a heart-warming addition to the cast, and while there are plenty of serious moments, the cast doesn’t forget to lighten the mood with puns.

8) Going Behind the Scenes

This game has many features and is a game where you can increase your numbers, which can depend on whether you like them or not. You can also dress up Sian. She has over 80 different outfits to try on. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but all the costume changes are shown in-game using CGI. Finally, the game is fully voice animated!

I’ve always loved Sakevisual’s work. I think they did a great job of creating a story for each character, rather than repeating the same story over and over across four projects. Honestly, this game is worth playing over and over again to discover all that it has to offer.

9) Detective in London Mysteria

My conflict of interest aside, Detective Mysteries of London is a wonderfully romantic game set in 19th century England. We follow Lady Emily Whiteley, whose destiny is to elevate the Whiteley family to high society. But she wants more, so she enrolls in an academy that is known for training young people like her to become detectives! From petty crimes like theft to gruesome murders, no matter what the case, Emily will find the truth!

Detective in London Mysteria

There are five romantic characters in the play. Herlock Holmes, William Watson, Wisely Lang, Jean Lupin and Jack the Ripper. All you have to do is play the game and see how his journey unfolds!

Steam is not only the most popular gaming platform in the world (with over 60 million registered users), it is often the only safe place to launch Asian games in the West. I remember when there were few multi-genre visual novels and Otome game production had just started. But the machines have advanced rapidly and now everyone who dreams of conquering the Western market spends their time steaming. If you make your own games, you should definitely consider this option.

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What is Lemma Soft Forum?

The LEMMA SOFT FORUM is a place that brings together fans and developers of visual novelists from all over the world. You will find both very amateur projects and projects that are already starting to convince thanks to the courage and diligence of their creators. You can immerse yourself for free in a world of great stories and the rich imagination of creators eager for your feedback. Each project can be commented on, and you can submit your ideas to the creator to take part in creating a truly unique project.

As you work on your game, you’ll find a lot of useful information and people on Lemma Soft who are happy to give you advice. You’re unlikely to find another place on the Internet where home cooking is this good! So, grab your pitchfork and get to work!

The question of opening up the East to the West is a long and far-reaching one, and until recently, many writers swore that absolutely no agreement would be reached on this issue. But as the example of Nitroplus shows, times change and so do publishers’ opinions. When they realized that their games were being distributed via torrent and that every fan of the genre on the Old Continent knew about them, they decided to meet with fans and prove that a good story is always worth sharing.

But what if the game we’re looking for is only available in Japan and we don’t want to pirate it? Well, if we have a friend from the land of the rising sun, it’s easy. If not, it’s a little more complicated. It turns out that while bugs can’t jump high over obstacles, they can get over them, and many Japanese people make a little extra money from buying Gaijinos. And that’s it, literally everything. You can order not only games, but also clothes, books, cosmetics, and even food.

Of course, this automatically means higher costs, as you will have to pay our “friend” for the service, but the amounts are not huge. Personally, I ordered games this way twice and was very satisfied with both. I can also write in good conscience that you shouldn’t be afraid to buy used games, because the Japanese place a high value on them, and the stimulus is basically different from new only by the missing foil and can be several times cheaper.