PROJECT DT | Action Game in The Spirit of Devil May Cry

Chinese studio Digital Sky has announced Project DT – an action game in the spirit of Devil May Cry. Only instead of demons there are hefty robots, and instead of blond men in the lead roles, a girl in a steel suit.

Details of the plot are not really revealed. In the trailer, only lengthy inscriptions flicker: “The girl who was forced to become a hero”, “The battle after the battle fuels hunger in her”, “It is not clear whether it is a man or a machine

Devil May Cry fans will surely have a déjà vu from Project DT ‘s gameplay. It is very similar to Dante’s gameplay with Beowulf and Trickster. The main character pounds enemies with her hands and feet, charges blow and uses a dash in different directions. There are even performance ratings from D to SSS!

project dt an action game

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According to Gematsu, Digital Sky previously released mobile games based on the anime Dragon Ball Z and Tokyo Ghoul under the auspices of Bandai Namco.

`For the new project, the studio is recruiting staff, including level designers, screenwriters, modelers, animators, and Unreal Engine 4 engineers.

Apparently, Project DT “An Action Game”  will have to wait for a long time. Neither the release date nor the platform have been specified.

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