Sony PlayStation 5 Review (Next Generation Gaming)

The new generation console is hard and easy to sell. With a big bump to the specs and backward compatibility, both the Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are the consoles that anyone should go for. But with almost no launch content or essential features. They also fail to make themselves a case of compulsion beyond “same, but good”.

All we have left is like a new iPhone: you have to upgrade eventually and it will be fine. Do not trust the hype of new consoles yet.

Impressions are gained in a fluid, global, diffused way, with a wide range of (and ongoing!) Restrictions on different features and games. For an already ineffective experiment, it may have a dimmer mood some gamers are excited. Someone can write about the outside of the console or the first level of the pack-in game.


With some features not available before launch, or prohibited from coverage for too long. Reviewers are surprised that day-to-day changes do not have any impressions of their use. (I will update this review or link to future coverage when new information comes to light.)

However, the shackles will eventually be removed and now we can talk about a lot of what new consoles offer. Unfortunately, it is not so much. Although the companies tried to hype the next generation to a huge height. There was no evidence of it when it launched and probably not for many months.

This does not mean that new platforms are a failure – nor are they great. But the new generation looks like the old one, and compatibility with it is actually the biggest thing that goes for them for the PS5 and Series X opening stretch. I can honestly tell you about my time with the PS5.

Hardware Specs: Part of the Conversation


The PS5 is a weird looking beast, but I will give it this: no one will mistake this for any other gaming console. They may think it is an air purifier. It is best to play PUBG Mobile Metro Royale

A large, curved device may not fit anyone’s shape, so it’s a good idea to bite the bullet and display it prominently (luckily it can stand comfortably vertically or horizontally). I look forward to getting side shields to make this thing a little less important.


The console is very quiet when playing games, but you want to be at least a few feet away from it, especially if you are going to play with a disc, which is much louder than normal operation.

When it comes to performance, it’s really impossible to tell. The “next-gen” (really cross-gen) game I came to play the most was Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and it’s great (more impressions below), making it harder to make any important comment on the machine. Computing and rendering chops.

Advanced techniques like ray tracing are exciting as they change the possibilities of gaming and how games look in 4K and HDRs. In the first place you need a TV setup that can take advantage of these features, and secondly – to be honest, they are not all. High-quality 1080p TV from the last two years is great, whether you support Dolby Vision or whatever you have. (I know I got a new TV during the review period. They are both very good.)


Loading times: A factor of a highly appreciated custom SSD in this regard, similarly difficult to evaluate. Although going from menu to game in Miles Morales is faster, faster and loads faster than the previous game on my regular PS4.


This advantage varies from game to game, however – some developers are publicly declaring their performance gains, while others are lying dogs sleeping with less impressive ones. Without much headlines for console performance improvements, you should take Sony words right now.

Dual Sense Controller


A place where Sony is trying to move the ball forward is in the new dual Sense controller.

Shape and color and not on the soft, transparent buttons – they are not so hot. It sounds like dual shock, let it go a little further and I’m definitely not a fan of the “PS” shaped PlayStation button. This thing feels like a terrible magnet.

And not in the built-in speaker and microphone; I find it hard to think of any app for which better services are not provided or completely avoided by the headset.


Actually, clear and impressive upgrade means triggers, which are incredibly accurate mechanical resistance to sets that can be used for all kinds of gameplay functions and run inaction menu.

The new triggers are connected to a set of gears that put real pressure against your fingers, from a very light tap, perhaps (though I have not experienced), actually pushing your fingers back.

The range is wide and it can put pressure anywhere in the trigger range, giving interesting effects like resistance when you pull the gun trigger (apparently in violent games like Hitman 3), it clicks and releases when fired.

In Miles Morals, the triggers act as a very gentle rumble, but also give a tactile impression as you scratching, letting you know when you were introduced.

PS5-next-gen-gaming-console-review-dual-sense buttons

Honestly, I love it. I like to play well used games. I do not like to play games that I do not have! Let’s hope the developers adopt variable-resistance triggers, because it actually adds something to the experience and if I don’t get it wrong, there’s also the possibility of making the games more accessible.

Extra Ordinary PS5 UI

The PS4’s interface has the illusion of simplicity, and the PS5 continues two steps forward and one step back.


For one thing, it’s a good idea to separate the “games” and “media” parts of the machine. As OTT applications and streaming services grow, they take up more space and it makes perfect sense to separate them.

On the games side, it’s similar to the PS4, with a horizontal line that you click on, and when a game highlighted it “takes” the screen with background, latest news, achievements, and so on. It works just as well as before.


Previously, when you press the Sony PlayStation 5 button, you return to the main menu and pause what you are playing. If you hold down the button, it opens a game-side menu that can turn off consoles and other simple tasks, such as inviting friends.

The PS5 reverses this: Long Press now brings you back to the home screen, bringing up a small press in-game menu (now a series of small icons at the bottom of the screen – not a fan of this change).

The in-game menu now has a deep “card” system that, while cool in theory, actually looks like one that hasn’t been used for great effect. Giant Cards show recent screenshots and achievements, activity of friends and, if the developer enables it, information about your current mission or game progress.


For example, in Miles Morales, Pause told me that there was a 22% way through a side mission to rescue a Bodega cat named Spider-Man, with the image of Bodega. Nice, but if I pause in the normal way it will repeat with the information provided in the game.

There is much more to it. Multiplayer explorations in progress, cards can also be used as “deep links” to game features such as quick travel locations and hints.


In the video for The Big Adventure Sony showed these sophisticated possibilities. I still can’t talk about how well it works as that game is not yet available. Most importantly, I make no promises on behalf of the developers that they may or may not integrate the system well.


At least it could be good, but I’m afraid it will be banned for first-party games (Sony promises a lot) and be optional at that point.

It’s hard to call the new UI an improvement over the old one – it’s different, busier in some ways and streamlined in some ways. It improves things in reducing conflict such as conducting voice chat and joining friends’ games. But that capability is not ready for experimentation.

PS5-UI-customize-control -center

Two good things I want to note: The PS5 is very easy to set up for your own preferences. I downloaded my cloud save in a minute or two and there is a great new settings page for things that people often change in games: difficulty, language, inverted camera and a few other things.

There are also built-in access options: screen reader, chat transcription and other goodies I could not test but it was a pleasure to watch.

Sony PlayStation 5 Accessories

Here i am going to show some of Sony PlayStation 5 Accessories.

PS5 Media Remote:


PS5 Pulse 3D Wireless Headphone:


Dual Sense Charging Station:


PS5 is Best for Games, PS4 is Not Bad Though

The main reason to buy a new console is to play new games on it. When the switch came out, half the reason someone bought it was to play the amazing new Zelda. Sadly, this launch option is smiling and thin for Sony and Microsoft fans.

As I mentioned above, the only game I was offered to get any real impressions of was Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Having recently completed its predecessor in the Sony PlayStation 5, I can say that the new game will look better with less load time, better lighting, more detailed buildings and so on.

But the 2018 Spider-Man still looks and plays very well – this is the difference you would expect in a sequel, not from one generation to another. (Frankly, the PS5 version looks a lot better, not just day and night as we expect.)


As far as the review goes, I say if you like the first, you like the second, and if you do not play the original, play first because it’s great. For its commitment to diversity I want to hand it over to the new game.

Game Bulk:

It will also come on the PS4 and the Xbox One and Series X. In fact, there will be almost all the big games next year.

They play and look better on the PS5 than the PS4. It’s hard to tell if someone will pay $ 500, so they can play the next Assassin’s Creed or Horizon: Zero Dawn in 4K HDR rather than 1080p.

Meanwhile, some of the games you can only play on the PS5 are for niche players. Sackboy looks like a fun platform but not a blockbuster; Demons Souls is my most titled in this season. The remake of the legendary are low-playing. Controller-biting difficult PS3 game is not breaking sales records.

All-Stars, the online-only racing bottle royal game, delayed until February. It wasn’t playing well.

There are not many exclusive reasons to choose the Sony PlayStation 5 over the Xbox Series X, or at least the PS4 Pro for 2021.

The good news is, the PS5 is now the best way to play a huge catalog of amazing PS4 games without question. Almost everything looks better, plays better and loads faster. Sony accepted this when it combined a dozen of the best games from the last generation with the PS5.

Honestly, I’m looking forward to finally playing God of War (I know, don’t bother me!) On this subject than Assassin ‘Creed: Valhalla.

Unfortunately, I cannot say if there is still much to talk about real improvements to these PS4 games. As mentioned above, it depends on the support of most developers. As a simple test, it took 33 seconds on the PS4, and 16 seconds on the PS5 to load the Central Yarnum area in Bloodborne (as you can see in the shots above, the game looks identical). I didn’t give them time, but other games also showed improvements.

Final Verdict: 2021 Vacation Must Have a console, Does This?

No, Not at all. The PS5 is not a console that anyone should go out and buy for any reason. Not at least one of these, because it is impossible to get one next month, remotely targeting the opportunity to unravel the PS5 for young people.


The power of the next generation is not as much displayed in any of the titles I can play. Although some of the upcoming games may show its benefits, those games will play on other platforms as well. Re-releasing.

With the exception of the variable resistance triggers. Series X has at least multi-game suspension, and I would be jealous if there are any games. Sony PlayStation 5 really does not even have the compelling new features that the next generation looks like. Switch between).

For the next 6-8 months, the PS5 will be the best way to play the same games that everyone has been playing for years, but in 4K.

The rush by Sony and Microsoft to get these consoles over the holidays this year did not have the support of publishers and developers who make games that make consoles worthwhile. That will change by the end of next year as original Next-Gen titles and meaningful exclusives begin to appear.

And a year from now the PS5 and Series X really-should have, because they only have things that are available.

I’m not saying buy your kid a PS4 Pro for Christmas. I do not think PS5 is a great way to play games. I would say outside of a few minor differences that most gamer don’t even have a noticeable setup. There is no reason to buy a PS5 that is currently out of stock.

So, don’t feel bad if you can’t get your hands on the PS5 to keep yourself entertained this winter – a PS4 will be fine for you right now, and it will eventually bless you if you show laziness towards the next generation consoles.

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