Valheim Survival Game: Taming And Breeding Wolves

Taming and breeding wolves in Valheim? We offer you tips on the wild predator and how to keep it tame. Basically, the breeding of wolves works similarly to that of wild boars, but the actually shy forest dwellers are very aggressive and distribute a lot of damage.

So, there are a few things you should consider before you want to capture and tame a wolf.


In contrast to pigs, the wolf is of course a carnivore. You should therefore have plenty of raw meat in your inventory. At the same time, you need stable and large fences and a small, raised platform through which you can leave the enclosure quickly.

Mountains, Cold, Campfires

The biome in which wolves live in Valheim are the mountains. It’s bitterly cold here and you should stock up on mead and frost resistance. You also need heat sources to penetrate a little further into snow-covered areas. Here you craft and place campfires at short intervals. 

As soon as you go on the hunt, you light the fire pits and feed them with wood. This creates heat sources that can protect you from the frost debuff. Equally important is the finish enclosure, which should consist of sturdy walls – double walls if possible.

Mountains, Cold, Campfires

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Catch And Tame Wolf

Basically, you attract a wolf. Then run quickly in the direction of the enclosure, turn around and lock the entrance to the enclosure. On top of that, make sure you have at least one bronze fist shield. 

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The possible attacks of the wolf cause a lot of damage that you don’t have much to counter with a wooden shield. The enclosure should have thick boundary walls and a narrow entrance that you close off part of the wall. Opposite is a platform with a small board to jump on, through which you escape.

Once you have prepared everything, treat yourself to a sip of mead – if available – and rattle off the route of the campfire. Lures a wolf and immediately flees towards the enclosure. 

In the best case, he’ll follow you inside, jump over the board, turn around and lock the gate. Now you throw a few raw chunks of meat into the enclosure. Now jump down and repair the fence walls, as the caged wolf could attack them. Now move away from the enclosure so that the stress of the animal disappears. From a small hill you look at the wolf and wait for the hearts to be tamed.

Catch And Tame Wolf

Multiply Wolves And Obtain Pelts

Unfortunately, the wolf does not transform into a dog in Valheim. Several tame wolves produce offspring and you get wolf pelts from them. In the current Valheim version at the time this article was published, you lure him to you with food and he follows a little. 

He also attacks opponents, but – currently – he leaves other animals such as deer or wild boar alone. It is quite possible that this will be more possible with future patches for Valheim survival game. You decide for yourself whether tame wolves are worth the risk you take for a few wolf skins.