When to use local variable over global variable?

When to use local variable over global variable?

local variable over global variable if both have the same name. So in the code above, when we modified the ‘total’ variable inside the function, it was not reflected outside the function. Because inside the func() function the total variable is treated as a local variable.

How can you access a global variable in a function?

world space. The global variable is accessible in any function and the local variable has scope only in the function that is defined. For example, here ‘total’ is a global variable, thus accessible within function test() as well and ‘marks’ is a local variable, i.e. local to function test() only.

Can a global variable be declared in SQL Server?

global variable. However, the user can only create a local variable. The following figure explains two types of variables available in MS SQL server. A user declares the local variable. By default, a local variable begins with @. Each local variable scope is restricted to the current batch or procedure within any given session.

How to use global variables in a function in Python?

Python: How to use global variables in a function? 1 Local variable versus global variable. 2 Global and local variables with the same name. 3 Using the “global† keyword to modify a global variable within a function. 4 Using globals() to access global variables within the function. 5 UnboundLocalError error handling.

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Why do I need to load external SWF files?

From within a Flash SWF file, you can load other external SWF files as resources. There are several reasons to load external SWF files: Because a project can be divided into multiple movies, the individual SWF files are smaller. Smaller files load faster and manage memory more efficiently.

How can I change the name of a global variable?

If it was created globally, you will be updating the global variable. You can override this behavior by declaring it locally using var, but if you don’t use var, then a variable name used in a function will be global if that variable has been declared globally.

Can a Fla file be attached to a SWF file?

Multiple authors can collaborate on the same project by working on separate FLA files. Placing content in a separate SWF file is similar to placing content in its own movie clip symbol. The difference is that the content exists outside of the main SWF file. You can also upload image files, such as JPG, PNG, GIF.